• Egeria densa is often called Anacharis
  • A great plant than can be floated in the aquarium or pond or planted so it roots.
  • Great as a background filler.
  • 4-6 freshwater aquarium plants


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Cornuta watersprite var

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Duckweed and Salvinia

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In aquariums Lemna minor is often regarded as a weed that is hard to avoid. But if you patiently remove visible plants every day you will get rid of it within a few weeks. Goldfish like eating L. minor from the surface.

Author: Tropica

Egeria Densa Elodea Anacharis

  • Egeria Densa Elodea, aka Anacharis can be used as a pond plant or a fish tank plant.
  • Some fish like goldfish love to eat this fast growing aquatic plant
  • (Approx 6  Freshwater Plant cuttings )

Phylanthus Fluitans

  • Phylanthus Fluitans is a pretty red root edfloating plant.
  • It Spreads quickly in moderately lit (1.0 watts/gallon) aquarium, will flower regularly in a tank with higher light tank (4 watts/gallon).
  • Produces beautiful white flower
  • 5 plants

Ricca Fluitans grade b

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  • This Beautiful Ricca Fluitans ( crystalwort )is the awesome grasslike plant as seen in Takashi Amano Landscaping.  
  • This can create a rolling hills effect if used properly.
  • Ricca Fluitans may contain bladderwort.  This may be slightly yellow depending on current weather conditions
  • Riccia is great for creating a stunning Amano-style foreground.
  • Tie it with fishing line to rocks, or place in plastic mesh (onion bags). Can also be used as a floating plant for baby fish.
  • Additionally, riccia is a great nutrient/waste sump that can help remove harmful amonia, nitrates and nitrites from your fish tank.
  • This plant thrives in rich co2 plant tanks
  • Small portion not generous
  • This may be either the floating variety or the sinking variety .

Salvinia ( Salvinia Auriculata )

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Salvinia natans is a floating fern that grows quickly if there is sufficient nutrition and light. Light leaves are a sign of a shortage of micro-nutrients. Thin the plant to stop it taking light from the plants at the bottom. Salvina varieties have small hairs on their leaves, making them water resistant. Helps prevent algae by shading parts of the aquarium and using nutrients in the water. Grows very big in the wild and in optimum conditions. A decorative plant for open aquariums.

Author: Tropica

Water Sprite ( Ceratopteris thalictroides )

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Ceratopteris thalictroidesis an aquatic fern. It is fast growing at high light levels and thus suitable for removing excessive in organicnutrients from the water in the aquarium. CO2enrichment enhances growth significantly. Ceratopteris thalictroides is very plastic according to size and grows quite big in large aquaria whereas the size is more moderate in smaller ones. It is extremely easy to reproduce because it is able to set adventitious plantsat the rim of the leaves. Just leave a leaf floating onthe water surface and new plants will develop in duecourse. For some reason this plant either grows like weedor it slowly dies off.
Author: Tropica

Wisteria ( Hygrophila difformis )

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This plant can be placed foreground midground or in the background areas of your tank 
  • Wisteria ( Hygrophila difformis ) plants can either be planted for small fry to hide in or left floating.
  • Encourage plant growth sidways and it makes a great addition as a forground plant in your aquarium.
  • This plant is a very hardy plant which will thrive in most tanks without any special care.  


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