Eheim Liberty 200

Eheim Liberty 200 hang-on filter rated for 50 U.S. Gallons. Pump output 200 GPH. Pump uses 6 watts. Advanced 3D pleated cartridge designed for 100% more filtration area. Bio foam cartridges sit in by-pass area to guarantee maximum biological filtration. Water does not flow through Bio foam cartridge. It flows by it for longer contact time and non-blocking effect. Easy impeller removal for cleaning or maintenance. 2 year guarantee.

Aquamaster Power filter 150

Aquamaster Power filter 150 hang-on filter for up to 30 gallons, 7-1/4 inch L by 2 inch W by 8 inch H, includes Bio-Matrix cartridge

Aquamaster Power filter 350

Aquamaster Power filter 350 hang-on filter for up to 60 gallons, 8-1/2 inch L by 4-1/2 inch W by 9 inch H, includes Bio-Matrix cartridge.


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