Red Sea Plant Success FloraFe, 14 oz. Iron


Red Sea Plant Success FloraFe, 14 oz. Iron is an essential element for plant growth and health, since it regulates the formation of the plant's green pigments and several vital physiological processes. Plant Success FloraFe is instantly absorbed by the plant and is immediately utilized for promotion of growth and plant health. FloraFe prevents yellowing of the leaves and growth stagnation. To ensure a constant level of iron, monitor the iron uptake of your plants using an Iron test kit and add FloraFe to the aquarium accordingly. For complete plant health FloraFe should be used in conjunction with FloraVit - a combination of trace elements, vitamins and growth enhancers that are essential for plant vitality

Red Sea Plant Success FloraVit, 14 oz.


Red Sea Plant Success FloraVit, 14 oz. The five major factors for healthy aquatic plant growth are sufficient light, carbon dioxide, nitrogen (e.g. as nitrate), phosphorous (e.g. as phosphate) and iron. Apart from these factors, a range of minor elements and vitamins are also required, each of which is just as vital as the major factors. If one minor element is lacking (i.e. molybdenum, manganese or cobalt) the plant growth will stagnate, even if all other elements are sufficiently available. Plant Success FloraVit is a mixture of trace elements and vitamins essential to the long term well being of the planted aquarium as well as growth enhancers. FloraVit should be used in conjunction with FloraFe iron supplement for the complete vitamin and mineral requirement for the maintenance of healthy plants

Red Sea Plant Success FloraPure, 14 oz


Red Sea Plant Success FloraPure, 14 oz. Plant Success FloraPure removes chlorine and other halogens and neutralizes heavy metals and other toxic substances that are detrimental to plant growth, turning tap water into ready-to-use planted aquarium water. In addition to providing the correct water quality for aquatic plants FloraPure contains colloids to protect fish from infections. FloraPure should be used to condition water for a new aquarium set up and for every water change


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