AZOO Chelated Ferrite Liquid

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AZOO CHELATED FERRITE LIQUID is a high-efficiency chelated ferric liquid made from a unique organic iron complex. It works in both acidic and alkaline water conditions and supplies sufficient ferric liquid for water plants and reef aquariums. 

For water plants, reef aquariums, and ponds

AZOO Color Condensed Additional Fertilizer

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AZOO COLOR CONDENSED BASIC FERTILIZER is manufactured using advanced technology. This product contains essential elements and trace elements for waterplants, including: K, Mg, Ca, Fe, P, Na, Mn, Al, Co, Zn, Mo, S, B, Si and more. Concentrated in seven different colors, it slowly releases nutrition and is active for 12~24 months. The additional ingredient of active bacteria solution helps decompose organisms and toxins such as hydrogen sulfide for two years. It prevents the roots of water plants from rotting and helps roots become healthy. 

For water plant aquariums

AZOO Plant Nutrients

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AZOO PLANT NUTRIENTS provides highly efficient balanced nutrients for water plants including essential nutrients, trace elements, and iron. A special feature of AZOO PLANT NUTRIENTS is its long lasting effect. This product helps water plants absorb directly and accelerates growth, especially for chronically slow growing water plants. Regularly adding these nutrients results in immediate improvement for all water plants. 

AZOO Trace Element Plant Nutrient

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AZOO TRACE ELEMENTS is made from organic iron complex and contains various essential trace elements. It is soluble in both acidic and alkaline water conditions and assists absorption in water plants. Use of this product prevents metal ion toxins that result from the fluctuation of pH values and it stimulates the growth of water plants after a water change. For water plant aquariums and ponds


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