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Plants do not ship well in hot weather.

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Anubias nana

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Tropica Aquarium Plants was the firstnursery to grow Anubias barteri v. nana inthe 1970's. It is a very sturdy swamp plant and it oftenset submerged flowers - it seems like the plant doesn'trealize it is growing submerged. It is slow growing andshould be offered low light regimes to avoid algal growthon the leaves. It accepts all kind of freshwaters - hardand soft, acid and alkaline.

Anubias barteri v.nana prefers to grow the rhizome above or on the substrate surface and it is therefore very suitable forgrowth directly on rocks and roots. It is easily reproduced by dividing the rhizome and Tropica produces Anubias barteri v. nana on lava, roots, and in pots. You can greatly enhance the application of this plant - try to take a look at the article Plants cultivated on stones and tree roots! See also fish-proof plants from Tropica Aquarium Plants.


Anubius nana large potted


Anubius Nana Medium potted


Anubius Nana Small Bare root


Anubius Nana small potted



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