1- coldpack

At least one cold pack is HIGHLY suggested for the summer months.

Plants do not ship well in hot weather.

Please add @ least one to each order especially with red aquarium plants and grassy plants. Please read terms on refunds on plants.

Banana plants


Dwarf Lilly

  • This attractive plant is generally better suited for forground planting in your aquarium.
  • If you let the leaves reach the surface of your tank this plant will flower at the surface of your water.

Nymphaea daubenyana

Larger picture
  • This is the red plant bottem left in the picture.
  • This is one of the most beautiful plants around and is an easy plant to grow with no special requirements.
  • This plant can be grown under high or low lighting.
  • It makes an awesome addition to any tank. 
  • It ocassionally sends runners up to the top of the tank but generally maintains low lilly like pads.


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