1- coldpack

At least one cold pack is HIGHLY suggested for the summer months.

Plants do not ship well in hot weather.

Please add @ least one to each order especially with red aquarium plants and grassy plants. Please read terms on refunds on plants.

Baby Tears / Micranthemum umbrosum or Hemianthus micranthemoides

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Hemianthus micranthemoidesis nice ornamental plant in small aquaria which looks much like a 'mini' Egeria. It is fast growing and requires therefore relatively high light and a nutrient rich substrate. It is also a valuable plant in terraria where it forms a beautiful carpet at the land water interphase. The plant is easily reproduced by cutting offthe apex which is replanted in the substrate. Hemianthus micranthemoides is often sold for Micranthemum umbrosum and a widespread synonym for Hemianthus micranthemoides is Micranthemum micranthemoides.

Author: Tropica


Blyxa japonica Dwarf ?


Blyxa japonica Dwarf
Rare Aquarium plant
Needs High lighting and co2
1 plant

Eriocaulon sp ( Araguaia Starplants )

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Glossostigma elatinoides Grade b

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  • Japanese Takashi Amano has inspired many aquarium owners to keep Glossostigma elatinoides.
  • This plant prefers co2 and high lighting. If high lighting is used it will grow thousands of runners giving it a carpet like appearance.
  • Use it with ricca fluitans to hold the ricca down.
  • Bunch freshwater aquarium plant
    Needs high lighting like metal halide or power compacts and co2


Lobelia cardinalis

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In the nursery this plant is cultivated in marshy conditions, forming dark-green leaves which are purple underneath. In aquariums the leaves turn a beautiful shade of light-green. It needs intensive light to thrive. Widely used in Dutch aquariums in so-called “plant streets”. In open aquariums it grows above the water surface, where it forms very beautiful scarlet flowers and the leaves regain their colour. Can be used in garden ponds.

Author: Tropica
Low to medium light freshwater aquarium plant

Marimo balls ( Cladophora aegagropila ) RARE

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  • These rare oddities are only found in nature in  in a lake found in Japan where it is considered a national treasure.
  • These moss balls can get huge over 1 ft but would take many years to accomplish this.
  • This is one of the few types of good/benefical freshwater algae.
  • Slow grower under low or high lighting easy to grow plant
  • 1 Plant

Marsilea quadrifolia / Marseilea crenata

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Marsilea quadrifolia
Sometimes called poor mans glossostigma, because it is an easier to plant to have in an aquarium.
Does not require the high lights of glossostigma  or the co2 but grows in a similar shape


Micro Echinodorus tenellus ( Micro Chain sword)

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  • Micro Echinodorus tenellus ( Micro Chain sword)
  • Great forground plant in your fish tank.  It does not need co2
  • It grows in a chain producing sprouts ever 1/4 of an inch. 
  •  This will provide a carpet effect in your aquarium making a great aquascape for your friends and family to enjoy.
  • Can get red tips with higher lighting and potassium
  • Easy to care for and hard to find. 
  • Fish and snails will love playing in this plant this plant.
  • Prefers higher lighting such as power compacts or metal halide
  • Needs co2 to potassium to get the nice redness.
  • 1 plant



Nymphaea daubenyana

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  • This is the red plant bottem left in the picture.
  • This is one of the most beautiful plants around and is an easy plant to grow with no special requirements.
  • This plant can be grown under high or low lighting.
  • It makes an awesome addition to any tank. 
  • It ocassionally sends runners up to the top of the tank but generally maintains low lilly like pads.

Potamageton Gayi

  • This is a stunning beauty if you treat it right
  • Another Amano classic that was aquared through trading
  • This one has bronze and green leaves
  • Available but very small
  • Super Fragile no gaurentee this one can make it.
  • Prefers high lighting and co2

Ricca Fluitans grade b

Larger picture
  • This Beautiful Ricca Fluitans ( crystalwort )is the awesome grasslike plant as seen in Takashi Amano Landscaping.  
  • This can create a rolling hills effect if used properly.
  • Ricca Fluitans may contain bladderwort.  This may be slightly yellow depending on current weather conditions
  • Riccia is great for creating a stunning Amano-style foreground.
  • Tie it with fishing line to rocks, or place in plastic mesh (onion bags). Can also be used as a floating plant for baby fish.
  • Additionally, riccia is a great nutrient/waste sump that can help remove harmful amonia, nitrates and nitrites from your fish tank.
  • This plant thrives in rich co2 plant tanks
  • Small portion not generous
  • This may be either the floating variety or the sinking variety .


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