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At least one cold pack is HIGHLY suggested for the summer months.

Plants do not ship well in hot weather.

Please add @ least one to each order especially with red aquarium plants and grassy plants. Please read terms on refunds on plants.

Contortion vals usually grade b does not ship well

Special prices for 100 lots

Corkscrew Crinum (Crinum tortifolia)

Corkscrew vallisnaria ( Vallisneria tortifolia ) Usually grade b does not ship well

Larger picture
  • This cute plant makes a stunning impression twisting up through the water
  • Height is approx 6 inches
  • It sends out little runners to produce new plants
  • This is the price for one Freshwater Plant

Corkscrew vals 10 Grade b does not ship well

Dwarf Hairgrass Potted High Quality

Larger picture
Eleocharis acicularis is a small grass-like plant with filamentous leave. It creates a fine dense carpet at favourable growth condition. E. acicularis is quite sturdy and hardy with a wide temperature tolerance. Thus, it is suitable as pond plant, too, because it usually survives the wintertime. The plant prefers a fine-grained and nutrient rich substrate and the growth benefits greatly from CO2 enrichment. There are more than 100 species of Eleocharis sp.. They are found all over the world and many of them are very hard to distinguish from each other. Unfortunately, only a few species are suitable for aquarium purposes.

E. acicularis is very suitable as foreground plant because the water form rarely exceeds 15 cm. It spreads by means of runners but the horizontal growth is nevertheless quite slow. Therefore, we recommend dividing the pot into 10-12 or even smaller plants before planting them spaced 2 to 5 cm apart. In any case, the E. acicularis looks best when planted in-groups. In small aquaria, the plant looks great when planted in-groups into a carpet of for example Glossostigma elatinoides. The plant requires much less attention than the fast-growing foreground plants, which requires repeated trimming of the runners with long internodes.

A relatively new employment of E. acicularis is using it as an anchor for Riccia fluitans when the latter is grown submerged after the Armano-style. To begin with, the buoyant Riccia carpet is kept from floating to the surface by sprinkling with pebbles. Thereafter individual filaments of E. acicularis are planted in between the Riccia-carpet and E. acicularis will then keep Riccia in position.

Author: Tropica

Dwarf Sagittaria 10 plants

Larger picture
  • Looking to create a grassy appearence in your tank?  Pick up some Dwarf Sagittaria
  • This looks justy like giant sag only shorter
  • This plant sends out runners throughout your tank to produce baby plants
  • Seen in many Takashi Amano aquascapes
  • 10 freshwater aquarium planta
  • Bulk pricing available

Echinodorus parviflorus var tropica ( Tropica Sword )

Echinodorus parviflorus 'Tropica' is characterised by its beautiful hammered leaves with a small tip. The size depends on the light intensity, and in poor light it is quite a small plant. It looks best in small groups. Echinodorus parviflorus 'Tropica' was named after Tropica in 1985 by the Danish botanists Niels Jacobsen and Lauritz Holm-Nielsen.

Author: Tropica


Eriocaulon sp ( Araguaia Starplants )

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Glossostigma elatinoides Grade b

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  • Japanese Takashi Amano has inspired many aquarium owners to keep Glossostigma elatinoides.
  • This plant prefers co2 and high lighting. If high lighting is used it will grow thousands of runners giving it a carpet like appearance.
  • Use it with ricca fluitans to hold the ricca down.
  • Bunch freshwater aquarium plant
    Needs high lighting like metal halide or power compacts and co2



A plant that grows fast and adapts easily, thriving in relatively hard water. Immediately after planting Hydrocotyle leucocephala will grow towards the light and the surface, where it will spread. It does not need to be rooted, but can be used as a floating plant which provides a hiding-place for young fish. Used as a herb in the tropics.

Author: Tropica

Java Moss ( Vesicularia dubyana) Usually grade B

Larger picture
Java Moss is the popular name for Vesicularia dubyana. It is hardy and makes few demands on the water and light. Java moss attaches itself easily to all surfaces, making it suitable for decorating stones and tree roots or hiding aquarium equipment. Use fishing line to keep Java Moss in position until it attaches itself. If growth is too vigorous, prune with scissors. Java moss provides a wonderful hiding place for young fish. V. dubyana can also be used in terrariums if the air humidity is high.

Author: Tropica


Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Larger picture

Lilaeopsis brasiliensisis grass-looking small amphibious plant which is verysuitable for foreground decoration. The submerged culture is easy, but it is usually quite slow growing. Lilaeopsis brasiliensis can grow in soft as well as in hardwater and it accepts a wide light regime, though highlight tends to speed up the growth. The emergent culture is especially well suited for paludariua where Lilaeopsis brasiliensis within a few weeks builds a thick carpet. It is able to survive down to 0 oC or even in an ice covered pond.

Author: Tropica

Marsilea quadrifolia / Marseilea crenata

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Marsilea quadrifolia
Sometimes called poor mans glossostigma, because it is an easier to plant to have in an aquarium.
Does not require the high lights of glossostigma  or the co2 but grows in a similar shape


Micro Echinodorus tenellus ( Micro Chain sword)

Larger picture
  • Micro Echinodorus tenellus ( Micro Chain sword)
  • Great forground plant in your fish tank.  It does not need co2
  • It grows in a chain producing sprouts ever 1/4 of an inch. 
  •  This will provide a carpet effect in your aquarium making a great aquascape for your friends and family to enjoy.
  • Can get red tips with higher lighting and potassium
  • Easy to care for and hard to find. 
  • Fish and snails will love playing in this plant this plant.
  • Prefers higher lighting such as power compacts or metal halide
  • Needs co2 to potassium to get the nice redness.
  • 1 plant



Micro sword Mat 1 ft squared These usually arrive in great condition

Larger picture
  • Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is another grass like freshwater aquarium plant
  • This plant is easy to keep, and can be used to create that wonderful aquascape you have always dreamed of.
  • Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is great for egg scattering fish to drop thier eggs in so the fry can hatch
  • 1 ft squared huge would overfill a 10 gal tank

Narrow Leaf Chain sword

Larger picture
Echinodorus tenellus is the smallest of all sword plants. The leaves are shorter than 7 cm and about 2 mm wide, linear or sometimes lanceolate with 1-3 veins. In Nature, E. tenellus occupies the banks of large rivers where the emergent plants produce numerous flowers during the dry season. At favourable conditions in the aquarium, E. tenellussoon forms a dense carpet and it is thus very suitable as a foreground plant. In large aquaria (deeper than 40 cm)care should be taken to provide enough light because E.tenellus is rather light demanding. The plant prefers a fine-grained nutrient rich substrate - preferable sand mixed with 25% clay and laterite - and neutral to acid,soft water. E. tenellus is quite variable from individuals with lightly green and fairly short blades and to individuals with longer and darker green or even brownish blades. Also, in the shops one meets the 'false tenellus' which is simply Lilaeopsis brasiliensis.
Author: Tropica

Vallisnaria Spiralis Italian 10 plants

100 lot special available


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