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At least one cold pack is HIGHLY suggested for the summer months.

Plants do not ship well in hot weather.

Please add @ least one to each order especially with red aquarium plants and grassy plants. Please read terms on refunds on plants.

Amannia senegalensis

Somewhat like ammannia gracilis but with a more yellow tone to its leaves

Ammannia Gracilis

  • This is an awesome red and yellow plant that throws beautiful colors
  • This plant has been made popular by Takashi Amano in his beautiful aquatic aquascapes
  • This plant does much better in high lighting and will flourish with co2
  • This is for one freshwater stem
    Prefers higher lighting and will flourish with co2

Baby Tears / Micranthemum umbrosum or Hemianthus micranthemoides

Larger picture

Hemianthus micranthemoidesis nice ornamental plant in small aquaria which looks much like a 'mini' Egeria. It is fast growing and requires therefore relatively high light and a nutrient rich substrate. It is also a valuable plant in terraria where it forms a beautiful carpet at the land water interphase. The plant is easily reproduced by cutting offthe apex which is replanted in the substrate. Hemianthus micranthemoides is often sold for Micranthemum umbrosum and a widespread synonym for Hemianthus micranthemoides is Micranthemum micranthemoides.

Author: Tropica


Cornuta watersprite var

Larger picture

Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia RARE

Larger picture

Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia can form slightly pink leaves under water, and in good growing conditions it grows very large. It has characteristically horizontal leaves on a long leaf stem. It rarely suffers from so-called cryptocoryne disease.

Author: Tropica


Cyperus helferi

Cyperus helferi is the first Cyperus species to prove truly ideal for the aquarium. Discovered by Holger Windeløv of  Tropica Aqurium Plants, Denmark, during an expedition to the Southern part of Thailand South of Ranong, the plant inhabited a small, clear-water stream, being present both in the current itself and along the more placid margin.

Itis very graceful as a solitary plant as well as ingroups. CO2 enrichment enhancesthe growth significantly but in hard water it is liableto develop algae on the oldest leaves. .

Author: Tropica

Diplidis Diandra (Blood stargrass) Usually grade B


Didiplis diandra is a delicate and difficult but also very beautiful aquarium plant with opposite leaves in rows of two. In its' natural habitat of  Northeast America it occupies the banks of rivers and lakes where it develops bothsubmerged, floating and emergent shoots. It does no tresemble any other aquarium plant, and thus it creates avery conspicuous contrast when planted in groups of 3-5shoots in the foreground or in the middle of the aquarium. On the other hand, they should not be planted too close to each other since the lower leaves are then lost due to light deficiency. As a rule of thumb, D.diandra is offered enough light only when the leaf apex is coloured red. D. diandra prefers a fine-grained substrate and CO2 enrichment of the soft and acid water is absolutely necessary to assure optimum growth. D. diandra maybe reproduced by cuttings.

Author: Tropica



Eichhornia azurea

Eichhornia azurea
Family: Alismataceae
Scientific Name: Eichhornia azurea
Common Name:
Distribution: America
Height: 20-40+
Width: 15-20
Light Required: high-very high
Temperature: 18-28
pH: 5-8
Ease of care: very difficult

Eichhornia azurea is one of the most decorative solitary plants available. Its narrow, parallel leaves are reminiscent of a palm. The plant used in aquariums is a seedling. When fully grown this is a large floating plant that is not suitable for use in aquariums. So the terminal bud must be cut off before it reaches the surface and forms floating leaves. The plant needs a lot of light. Optimum growth requires CO2 addition, in soft, slightly acidic water and a nutritious bottom. Plants that thrive form side shoots willingly.

Author: Tropica

Eusteralis stellata 'broad leaf'

Larger picture
 Eusteralis stellata 'broad leaf' a lot easier to grow than the regular stellata.  This is one beautiful plant.  I got 2 of these from Ghori who picked them up @ the AGA

Eusteralis stellata Amano plant

Larger picture
Eusteralis stellata is a very beautiful aquarium plant which differs from all other aquatic plants. The 10-cm long narrow leaves are placed around the stem much like spokes in a wheel and the lower leaf side is heavily violet at optimum growth conditions. However, it is quite difficult to culture and requires very high light, soft water and CO2 enrichment of the water to thrive. Eusteralis stellata is a brilliant indicator for micronutrient,especially iron. If the aquarium is short of iron, the leaves will turn light green to yellowish but a few days after iron addition the colour will reappear on new leaves. Occasionally, the plant suddenly stops growing but after a while adventitious shoots will normally develop and the plant resumes growth.
Author: Tropica

Heteranthera zosteraefolia AKA stargrass Grade a-B

Larger picture

Heteranthera zosterifolia is an extremely beautiful plant which forms a lot of side shoots and thus quickly forms a bushy plant group. In strong light growth is intensive, and the plant must be pruned before it becomes so compact that no light reaches the lower leaves. Water roots often form on the stem. In open aquariums it forms small blue flowers if some shoots are allowed to spread on the surface.

Author: Tropica

Hottonia palustris

This plant needs plenty of light, and prefers slightly acidic water. Hottonia palustris is most beautiful when planted in a compact group. It will soon bush out, but can be pruned easily if it grows too big, after which it quickly forms new side shoots. H. palustris is easy to propagate using side shoots or cuttings, which should be cut off and planted in the bottom. It is also suitable for garden ponds, and is used in natural medicine.

Author: Tropica


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