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Tropica Master Grow - the most recommended aquarium plant fertilizer by world-renowned freshwater plantists is now available at The Aquatic Store. It is developed and tested in cooperation with Tropica, freshwater biologists and fifty aquarists in Europe. They combined Tropica's 25 years of experience of growing aquarium plants with scientific tests and results under different tank conditions. It is probably the first aquarium plant fertilizer which is constructed from a dynamic model of the pathways of nutrients in the aquarium.
Tropica Master Grow is supplied with an attest of all components in the fertilizer. It is their policy that you as the tank keeper shall know exactly what you offer to your fishes and plants.

The English manual on the bottle is: Dosage: 5 ml per 50 l water each week (10 ml/100 l). Use half this amount for the first four weeks. The dosage can be adjusted later to obtain the desired growth rate (+/- 50%). Dilute the fertilizer before use. Changing the water: We recommend that you change at least 25% of the water every fortnight. Use a smaller dose of fertilizer if you change less of the water! If algae begin growing we recommend increasing the change of water and the addition of several fast growing plants. Tropica Master Grow is phosphate- and nitrate free. Do not expose the container to sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children. Apart from the English manual you will find a manual in German, Danish, French, Spanish, Chinese, Finnish, and Japanese. Tank keepers living in areas with soft water (less than 10 GH) are advised to use only half of the suggested dose. The correct dose is obtained by observing the youngest leaves on the plants. If they appear light green you should increase the dose. Remember: Aquarium plant fertilizers do not help you obtaining a better plant growth if light or other growth conditions are insufficient and limiting growth.

K 0.79% Mg 0.39% S 1.01% B 0.004% Cu 0.006% Fe 0.07% Mn 0.04% Mo 0.002% Zn 0.002% HEEDTA, DTPA, E123 

We supply Tropica Master Grow in 500 ml.




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